Wood work and power tools

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If you're a woodworker then there are some tools that you can't go without. In this article we're going to talk about the top 4 tools that every wood worker should have. There are obviously more than 4 tools that you need, but these are the most important. I've been working with wood for well over 30 years now so I know a thing or two about wood crafting.

The circular saw:

Every woodworker should have a circular saw.  You can get by with just a handsaw only for so long. A circular saw makes cutting wood much, much easier. It also allows you to do it with a higher degree of precision and accuracy. The circular saw is basically a spinning circular blade, similar to a table saw. It has the advantage of being much more portable than a table saw, due to it being a hand-held tool. As far as which brand to choose? Makita has always been my favorite.

The Scroll Saw:

A scroll saw is an electrically operated saw that's perfect when you need to make precise cuts. Fort example, people who are working with wood for art projects will need one of these to get the fine details perfect. They're also great for a wide range of tasks that is required of a wood worker.  I used a WEN scroll saw to make etching into the edge of out new coffee table just recently.

Hand drill:

The hand drill is is a hand tool used for boring holes into wooden objects and surfaces. It operates by using a spinning bit, which chews holes into the material. Most people are already familiar with these, and most households already have one. Even though these are common and well-known, they're still very useful for pro woodworkers.

Drill Presses:

Drill presses are often overlooked because people assume that they only need a hand drill. This is not true because a drill press has several huge advantages over the simple hand-held power drill. For Instance the table top drill press can be mounted to your table/bench which means it is very sturdy. This way, you have the ability to drill very precise holes. Another benefit of the drill press is that you can repeat the same exact hole over and over. All you have to do is set the depth and decide the drill bit you want to use. Then every time you pull the handle the, the hole will be repeated the same way, until you change the settings. Drill presses are also much more powerful than hand drills with motors of 1 horsepower or more sometimes.

The Top 4 Tools every wood worker should have.

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